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How to Write Well
How to Write Good Well 2nd edition_edited.jpg

How to Write Well

2nd Edition

Michael Stover has distilled over 10 years of writing and editing experience into one easy-to-read work that you will refer to again and again. Learn from his simple lessons and realize a marked improvement in your writing after just the first 30 minutes!

The 2nd Edition contains 5 new sections to further improve your writing. With this new version, this book will become an even more valuable resource to keep handy while you write. 

How to Write Well

Writing for Modern Audiences

Today's audiences find material and read differently than earlier generations that were relegated to the printed page. This means your writing must adapt to new sources and styles. Learn more about how modern audiences are different and how your writing must change if you are to connect and communicate effectively.

Hey Freelancer Go Clone Yourself

Hey Freelancer - Go Clone Yourself

Learn How Subcontracting to Other Freelancers Can Expand Your Income Potential

So you started your own freelance business — congratulations! But how can you grow your business without investing more time and work? This book will explain how subcontracting to other freelancers allows you to expand your income potential while realizing more free time to enjoy your life.


A Handbook for Developing a Restorative Culture In Your Church

with Pastor Pete Tackett

This book seeks to provide biblical and practical help for those who wish for their churches to “be catchers” instead of “pitchers.” The authors share their personal implosions and personal stories from others who needed “reclaiming” because of a personal failure or a church failure. The book provides a framework for how churches can develop a truly biblical culture of restoration that leads them to restore broken believers to a healthy relationship with God and His local church.

Reclaiming Book
Jesus and Dirt

Jesus and Dirt

A Fresh Look at the Parable of the Sower

This parable should really be entitled “The Parable of the Soil,” because the story, and the truths emphasized therein, do not focus on the one sowing seed. The focus of the story is about the soil. It’s about dirt. In Matthew 13, Jesus taught how the hearts of people can differ regarding openness, or receptiveness, to God's Word. And who knows the hearts of mankind better than the Creator/Carpenter? He has the dirt on all of us!

Sermon/Teaching outlines are included at the end of the book!

My Writing Journal

30 Lessons for Better Writing

My Writing Journal – 30 Lessons for Better Writing is a working tool for the writer that is looking to improve their craft. Packed with writing tips and helps, this journal helps you work on improvement each week with 30 sessions on everything from grammar and writing mechanics to fine-tuning your skills and more. Work on a single exercise each week and watch your writing improve as you incorporate each lesson. 

My Writing Journal
Creative Writing Journal

Creative Writing Journal

30 Creative Writing Prompts

This paperback Creative Writing Journal features 30 writing prompts on various subjects, with lined space to record your work after each. Use one to write each day, or weekly as part of a larger structured writing protocol. 

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