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This book seeks to provide biblical and practical help for those who wish for their churches to “be catchers” instead of “pitchers.” The authors share their personal implosions and personal stories from others who needed “reclaiming” because of a personal failure or a church failure. The book provides a framework for how churches can develop a truly biblical culture of restoration that leads them to restore broken believers to a healthy relationship with God and His local church.

In fact, the practical principles shared in this book were hammered out in the experience of a local church led by one of the authors, Pete Tackett. Antioch Baptist Church in Johnson City, Tennessee, has been transformed into a “reclaiming” church that has been used of God to restore several broken ministers and church members to spiritual health and usefulness. Pastor Pete met his co-author, Michael Stover, when reaching out to provide tangible assistance shortly after Michael and his family were ousted from a local church and moved back to Northeast Tennessee.

Listen to this episode of the Reclaiming Podcast in which Michael and Pete share a portion of their stories and the reasons for writing this book. 

Learn more about the ministry that prompted this book, plus find free resources, at 

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