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Earn More While Working Less!


So you started your own freelance business — congratulations! But how can you grow your business without investing more time and work? This book will explain how subcontracting to other freelancers allows you to expand your income potential while realizing more free time to enjoy your life.

Learn How To -

  • Grow your income and your available free time

  • Grow your client list

  • Learn the benefits of a team - for both you and your clients

  • Discover the kind of subcontractors you need for your business

  • Adopt new tools to manage a larger team

Kathleen and Michael are proof that it works.

Learn from their experience, so you can scale your own freelance business successfully. Cloning yourself by subcontracting to other freelancers is a workable solution for achieving the freelance life of your dreams. Hey Freelancer Go Clone Yourself will help you avoid the pitfalls and show you how to do it right.

About the Authors

Kathleen Krueger leveraged her freelance copywriting skills into a successful business. To meet demand, she hired subcontractors, growing her profits and spare time.

Michael Stover is one of Kathleen’s subcontractors who is following her business model. Michael started his own writing business in 2014, went full-time in 2018, and is growing with subcontractors.

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