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Why would you purchase a flashy new car, but put an old engine in it that doesn't run? 

That is exactly what happens when you build a flashy new website and write your own content. 

​I craft carefully chosen content to display your company's UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION (USP) and explain why consumers should choose your business over your competitor. This content is friendly, helpful, and laser-focused to drive traffic to your website with all the best SEO practices, including voice and local. 

This content is vital for use in your company's:

  • Blog Posts 

  • Web Page Content

  • eBooks 

  • White Papers

  • Emails 

  • Social Media Ads  

Contact me directly for pricing details. All jobs are custom priced to reflect the precise work you require. Monthly and yearly contracts are available for recurring blog posts and offer significant savings.  

I have experience writing on a variety of finance, medical, technical, educational, legal, service, construction, and business subjects. Contact me for more information and writing samples, or visit my Medium profile for recent articles. 

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