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How to Write Well


Have you ever wanted to improve your writing skills? Why is it important to write well? It seems like a silly question, but our writings precede us. When applying for a job we must submit a resume’ and sometimes a cover letter. Or how about when sending e-mails to people we don’t know well or haven't met, such as work partners, customers, or when responding on behalf of your company or institute? Your writing often forms the first impression, and you only get one chance to make it. When writing, we send a message about ourselves.


Michael Stover has distilled over 10 years of writing and editing experience into one easy-to-read work that you will refer to again and again. Learn from his simple lessons and realize a marked improvement in your writing after just the first 30 minutes!

The 2nd Edition contains 5 new sections to further improve your writing. With this new version, this book will become an even more valuable resource to keep handy while you write. 

Be sure to check out Michael's newest work, How to Write Well - Writing for Modern Audiences!

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